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This website describes and documents software that serves the real estate development industry which we are preparing to market. At present this website shows case studies of how our software has been used to assess the feasibility of income properties (the left hand column below). Our next steps are to show case studies showing how our software has been used to assess the feasibility of projects developed for a sales program and for more complex projects (new cities) and to complete the user interface. Eventually the content of this website will be used in the help system, will serve our marketing purposes, and will be a tool for teaching the professional skills of our industry.

To see what we have so far, most of the case studies listed in the left hand column are complete except for textual description. If you click on them you can see a variety of "views". If you would like to see any of those "views" as it appears in the various case studies, choose the top menu choice "ProCash". Soon you'll be able to do the same for the case studies in the right hand column. (You must have the Adobe acrobat reader. Click here to download it for free.)

  Income Properties
  ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties
ProCash© is an interactive, menu-driven economic model for investment analysis and development planning for all kinds of income properties....(4610)

Tax Credits for Low Income Housing, 11th Edition
This presents a variation on a form developed by Joseph Guggenheim and explained in his book Tax Credits for Low Income Housing (Simon Publications, P.O.Box 229, Glen Echo, Maryland....(4611)

Tower Point Apartments

Tower Point Apartments

Belle Glade 72 Units Deal A

BHP II Limited Partnership : LIHTC

Turnkey Syndication : LIHTC

Windsong Housing Associates : LIHTC

Conv. 9% FAHP 3% 25 Years: 13 Areas

Brandon Villas of Tampa

Shelter School Renovation

ABCO Joint Venture

Executive Plaza

Executive Plaza

601 Liberty St.

Shopping Center Illustration

PBG Regional Shopping Center

Spring Valley Hotel

601 Liberty St., Hotel Joint Venture

St. Lucie Warehouse

Demo Mixed Use Facility

Mixed Use Development

  Land Dev. & Building
  Landev, an Economic Model for Land Development
LANDEV© is an interactive, menu-driven economic model designed to aid in projecting cash flow, financing requirements, and profit potential for land development projects....(4640)

Kanner Cove

Cross Creek

Cross Creek

Gulfstream Resort

Riverglade Homes

Osprey Business Park

Oakbrook Land Development

Oakbrook Homebuilding

Oakbrook Composite

Tricorp Land Development

Tricorp Homebuilding

Tricorp Composite

Gulfstream Resort: Analysis by Phase

Cable TV

Matanuska Valley Cogeneration Plant

Seacoast Utilities, Inc.

New Capital of Alaska

New Capital of Tanzania, Dodoma

Columbia, Maryland

The Plain Vanilla Player
Click here to learn about market segementation. Brokers, investors, and one at a time developers are well served. Our opportunity is with developers of complex land development projects....(4692)

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