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The Regional Model

The DEVPLAN Regional Economic Model accepts

[ball] projections of regional employment by SIC category,
[ball] base information on population, household and income characteristcs,
[ball] housing census data, and
[ball] assumptions about intensity of use for retail, office and industrial land.

It then translates these into projections of

[ball] population,
[ball] households,
[ball] personal income,
[ball] population distribution by age,
[ball] retail sales,
[ball] demand for housing (by type, tenure and price range),
[ball] demand for retail space,
[ball] demand for office space,
[ball] demand for land in each of these categories, as well as
[ball] industrial demand,
[ball] assessable base, and, if desired,
[ball] household spending,
[ball] municipal income and expense, and
[ball] state and federal spending in the region.

Demand for facilities and services in "life support systems" including

[ball] health,
[ball] education,
[ball] transportation,
[ball] recreation,
[ball] manpower development,
[ball] social services, and
[ball] housing

can be projected as well.

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