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Description of SVG

There seems to be a problem in displaying svg graphics as evident at PlottingData. The first graphics on this page are svg, but they don't seem to display despite our having tried both <img and <embed HTML syntax.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a language for describing two-dimensional vector and mixed vector/raster graphics in XML. It is an open standard, fully endorsed by the world Wide Web consortium (W3C) and is available on a wide variety of platforms thanks to the excellent support from Adobe systems who offer a freely downloadable SVG viewer on their website.

A good description of SVG is given by Tim Berners-Lee in his recent book “Weaving the Web”, where you will find the following on page 179, in the chapter “Mind to Mind”:

“Both JPEG and PNG describe a picture in terms of the square grid of pixels that make up a computer screen. The consortium is developing a new format for drawings that will describe them as abstract shapes, leaving the browser free to fill in the pixels in such a way that the image can be shown with optimal clarity on a wristwatch or a drive-in movie screen. The format, called scalable vector graphics, is based on XML. It will also dramatically speed up the delivery of documents containing drawings, which will open the door to all sorts of new ways of interacting between a person and a web site. And because it is in XML, it will be easy for beginners to read and write. We may soon see all kinds of simple animated graphical interfaces”

Now that SVG is a fully ratified standard, it will quickly become the platform of choice for high-quality vector artwork on the internet.

If you have a recent edition of Adobe Acrobat reader and would like to see an example of an SVG graphic, click here..

Hello, world Wow!

' Connect to COM server set cmap = CreateObject("cmap.engine")

cmap.New 0,0,432,324 ' Create drawing space = 5 ' corner rounding cmap.padding = 4 ' box padding cmap.valign = "middle" cmap.halign = "center" cmap.textstyle = "font-face:Arial;" ' Draw first box with given position and size cmap.DrawBox("B1",20,20,10,40,"Hello, world") ' Calculate positions (function calls) xpos = Vlink("B1","top","top",15) ypos = Hlink("B1","right","left",20) ' Draw second box with fixed size and calc position ' Note that all other properties stay set from the first box. cmap.DrawBox("B2",xpos,ypos,15,40,"Wow!") cmap.LabelSegment = "horizontal" cmap.LabelStyle="font-face:Arial; font-size:10pt;" cmap.ArrowStyle="fill-color:blue; line-width:2; angle:30" cmap.DrawConnector("C1","B1/bottom","B2/left","dogleg","Joined up",0,1)

result = cmap.RenderSVG

horizontal line
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