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Introduction and Background

It is the era of electronic media. It is the time of instant communication around the world, a time when the Internet and email allow a soul in Australia to describe the sunrise to another soul in America as she prepares for bed. These thoughts are not only instantly transmitted, they are printed upon the Internet to be re-read and remembered forever unless someone purposely deletes them.

To quote a Psychotherapist who has given up her lucrative practice so she can give free counsel to women in the ways of God through the Internet:

“I remember reading once the words of a woman who was talking to someone who was going away. She told him that what she would miss the most was sharing her most intimate thoughts with him because it seemed that after telling them they became more "real." I really understood that.

“This web has more than once allowed me to "talk" about something that wasn't fully formed yet and in the telling it began to take greater shape and substance and all of the sudden I could see "it" more clearly.

There's been a great deal of research that validates the healing power of writing and the web demonstrates this for me. Only instead of placing my words in a silent journal (I do that too, although not enough these days) when I write on the internet, I send my words out and they are lovingly received and witnessed.

“I've often thought of writing a book entitled, "Tales of the Invisible Woman" because I felt that so many women feel invisible on numerous levels. Cultures that promote frequent and intimate sharing have always appealed to me, and seem so much healthier than our own. There's so much that we confront and experience and learn that I don't think we generally have sufficient opportunities to share with others. The web is one forum for sharing.” Tammie Fowles,

This is the beauty of the Internet. Yes, the Internet was also latched onto by the evil domains; but as all things of value, it will be raised above this misuse and turned into a mighty weapon for the Army of God.

This paper purposes to outline some of the ways the Internet can greatly and effectively accelerate the growth rate of the Women of the Word organization and create a worldwide presence for the WOW House almost overnight.

You ask my credentials: God moved me from a sheltered life and brought me through the trenches of ugliness. He changed me, He grew me. He found me a job that brought me into contact with a Senior Vice President of a very large corporation who was fighting the battle of his life. God was asking him to give it all up and I was moved into the position of encouraging and supporting the decision and doing damage control after he left.

His leaving left me without a job, but God saw fit to move me into a position of managing the Internet positioning for the company website. Now I am developing the new company Intranet site. For the last two years, I have worked to learn the intricacies of the Internet through the development of my personal “Thank you to God” located at

Early into my Internet learning experiences, I was connected with Dalene Entenmann, of Newberg, OR, who has created the most highly recognized website for offering encouragement to families of addicted persons. She is a journalist by background and an outstanding website designer. Her work can be seen at,,, as well as my site,>

These tools, this association, and these experiences are my credentials.

Proposed Steps for Increasing Visibility

If you faithfully plug away at all these steps, you will gain tremendous exposure that you will never gain staying within Christian circles. You will have a learning tool for members of the WOW House. You will have a therapeutic tool for those in transitional situations.

Some aspects of the Internet often overlooked include always being accessible at the right time. Christian Radio and TV may not be addressing a particular person’s need at the precise moment they are looking. When I needed help, I did not dare turn on radio or TV. The Internet is a silent communication tool. While books have the particular-need-at-the-precise moment capability, the library or bookstore may not be open at the right time. Never underestimate the world-wide impact. We had not even placed SpiritualSisters in the search engines when we received our first visitor from the Netherlands.


Most frequently accessed search engines and directories

  1. Yahoo
  2. AOL-open directory
  3. MSN
  4. Open Directory
  5. Google
  6. AltaVista
  7. Snap
  8. Live Directory
  9. Northern Light
  10. Hotbot
  11. DirectHit
  12. Google
  13. LookSmart
  14. Alltheweb
  15. Infoseek.go
  16. Iwon

Advice on web design: Dalene Entenmann:

Advice on search engine positioning by Jane Mullikin:
August 31, 2000

Jane, click here for my notes on preparation of this page. (Carl)

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