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Understanding your Monitor: Resolution

The Morikami web site includes a feature called "frames" which is not highly unusual, but also not common in web sites. They have certain implications which are worth discussing. The key issue is "What is the resolution at which your monitor is set?" You have heard terms like CGA, VGA, and super VGA. These are terms the press uses to identify resolution. Resolution is measured in terms of rows of height and characters of width and the unit of measurement is the pixels. The common measurements are these:

To change the resolution on your PC under Windows 95, take the following steps:

  1. Start
  2. Settings
  3. Control Panel
  4. Display
  5. Settings
  6. Desktop Area, move the bar that says "Less......More", selecting the desired resolution.
  7. Click OK
  8. Click yes

Frames on the Morikami web site are helpful provided that resolution is at least 800×600, or even better 1024×768. If you prefer (or can only use) 640×480 resolution, then you'll be better off browsing the Morikami site without frames.

Photographs on our web sites are best viewed at 1024×768. They may be partially cut off when viewed at lower resolution.

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