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Examples of SVG & PNG graphics

The charts and plots shown here are lovely, but maybe not more lovely than those produced by other software. What is exceptional is that these can be automatically generated without the skilled pointing and clicking required to create graphics with other software. You can point and click if you wish, but you don't need to if you like what you get automatically. It is this capability that makes possible our vision of Concept Maps that will be as easy to create as it is to use your web browser.

The following 4 files are illustrations of "Scalable Vector Graphics" (SVG) created by Adrian Smith and Jonathan Manktelow. There seems to be a problem in displaying svg graphics as evident below The first four graphics on this page are svg, but they don't seem to display despite our having tried both <img and <embed HTML syntax.

Following are the first two SVG files above rendered as PNG images plus 2 additional illustrations of png files created by Adrian Smith and Jonathan Manktelow. gradbar2 gradsurf net-int oil3d

Here are Adrian's recent notes on creating pdf files with NewLeaf and RainPro. pdfnotes.pdf

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