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Monitor Resolution

The purpose of this page is to help you decide what resolution you'd like your monitor to be set at. This is important because if you view a web page designed for high resolution while your monitor is set to low resolution, youi will find it difficult to browse the site because there will not be enough information on your screen. The Morikami web site is used for this demonstration.

The first computer monitors only allowed information to be displayed at a screen resolution of 640×480 pixels. However, modern monitors are capable of displaying web pages at several different resolution settings. Some pages are not easily viewed at low resolution settings. Higher resolution means that print is smaller but there is more information on the page. Lower resolution means that print is bigger but there is less information on the page. Instructions for changing the resolution setting on your monitor is at Understanding Your Monitor .

The small images below will give you an idea of how much information will fit on the screen when the Morikami home page is brought up at different resolutions. (The print in these images is blurred because they are graphical images, not text. The print is clear when you view the actual Morikami web site ). Click on any image to see what it would look like at a bigger scale.







0640x0480 640×480 0800x0600 800×600 1024x0768 1024×768 1152x0864 1152×864 1280x0960 1280×960 1280x1024 1280×1024

Resolution 640× 480 pixels
Resolution 800× 600 pixels
Resolution 1024× 768 pixels
Resolution 1152× 864 pixels
Resolution 1280× 960 pixels
Resolution 1280×1024 pixels

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