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Viewing our Webpages on Mac's & old Netscape

Hi Sally,

Carl House called me about a problem you're having with Netscape on a Mac.

I'm a Mac user, and although I use MS Internet Explorer as my default browser, I also have Netscape 6.2 so I can check and make sure the web pages that I do are readable in both.

I went to the Top 10 list in Netscape and the list of names in each age group appears in the center of my monitor. I tried adjusting preferences, view, text size, and editing the page to try and recreate what you said was your problem. The only way I could get all of the text to the right -- and it was one word per line -- was to go to FILE-EDIT PAGE (Command-E), select all of the text, and make it a list, either bullet or regular. I found several other really good ways to screw the page up, but only formating the text as a list resulted with the text on the right side.

So first you might try repeating what I did and making sure neither of the "List" buttons are highlighted. If that doesn't work, here's Plan B:

In Netscape v6.2, there's an option under "File" to "Edit Page." Make sure the tool bars are visible at the top of the window. Then in the window that opens showing the page, click once anywhere in the text and Select All (Command-A); then, in the toolbar box in the left for text format, click "Preformat" and see if that makes a difference. The names and times for each event are preformatted, and if the text isn't set to preformat, they won't appear as intended.

Let me know if either of these ideas works, and if not, what version of Netscape you're using and what your page looks like. You can take a picture of your monitor using SHIFT-COMMAND-3 and attach that to an email and I will get a picture of your monitor.

Dick Brewer

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