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Presenting Images

For some time, we have been developing a concept of image processing and presentation that stresses

  1. the importance of high quality source images,
  2. clear standards and tools for conversion of source images to web images,
  3. integration of images with text, databases and exceptional navigation tools,
  4. procedures for quality control and security,
  5. and the development of procedures for making it possible to carry this out efficiently at large scale.
Several recent events have led to our desire to assemble examples of our concept for image processing. Notable have been a brief conversation with Mr. Gerard Perez of ArtCom and the discovery of his exceptional collection of digital images of fine art, and conversations with an artist and a collector on their desire for websites to show their works. Additional material has been added from our existing websites. All of the web pages identified below are automatically generated from source material with logic built into QuikSite web management software. This facility is new and not perfect; but for the most part it is doing a pretty good job at screen resolution of 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768. Customization will improve some of these pages, but that would defeat the purposes of this demo which is to show a generic capability to automatically generate web pages with a minimum of labor.

The first pages in this demo show the handling of a small number of images to give an idea of our formats. Variations are shown to confirm that the formats are robust; they handle a variety of circumstances and preferences. These pages might be said to be image driven; they are similar to a catalogue; text is less important except inasmuch as it explains images.

The following are far larger image catalogues. These thumbnails are intentionally small and highly compressed to reduce the time required for pages to load into the browser. The intent is to then select images from the catalogue to be rendered with higher quality for use in a website. The following pages could be said to be text driven; the images are melded into the text; images serve only to elucidate the text or make it more interesting. All of these webpages are automatically generated using the DevPlan QuikSite web publishing system. This system is being developed in collaboration with ParkeNet Systems. This system also includes components created by APL2000, Inc., Causeway Systems, and Lescasse Consulting.

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