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Font tags are constructed so that the designer has control over the look and feel of the web site. For the font face, you have to give the browser choices ie .

The browsers first choice is Arial, if that is not available, the Helvetica, if that is not available then the general sans-serif tag, also there in the tag is information about the color of the font which can be in hex or in the name of the color, in the above case the font color is white.

To get a consistent color or font the best way is to define the style either at the beginning of the document or with a cascading style sheet (CSS) while there are still some problems with CSS on some platforms and browsers, the simple style of font face and color are consistent across browsers that are aware of style sheets. Otherwise, font tags are normally placed with each change of headings.

Most WYSIWYG editors generate code that has duplication it it, even Dreamweaver generates some sloppy code. Most good editors have an edit check so that it avoids duplicate/deprecated tags.

If you are making up a template, one of the easiest ways is to use (which will generate the HTML) along with your data base. Works very well.

(from Michael Moore)

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