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Finding, Organizing & Presenting Complex Information

In recent years I've found myself intrigued by the efforts of others to find, organize and present complex information. I believe APL and APLdraw give us some important tools for contributing to this very important subject. This is about how to reduce subjects that seem complicated to something not so complicated and that can importantly aid in our understanding. The path for this is to reduce each of the little tasks required to some sensible default steps that can be overridden if one wishes. For me, this means APL functions and a "gallery" of generalized parameters. Here are some accomplishments by others that I find inspiring.

"Polarized Readers" is especially helpful because when we solve this problem we'll have one of the keys to solving many of the others. This chart can be created from a 2 column matrix where each row is a pair of associated values supported by a gallery of default parameters.

These are the jewels that inspire these ideas.

More good resources.

These are resources possibly helpful and ideas in development.

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