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Color Codes

The APL.Grid control accepts any of the 16,777,215 colors available, however it only understands scalar or integer RGB. HTML only understands hex RGB (plus color names -- no point getting into that.) All of the following are equivalent:

Hex RGB:             #AA7755
Abbreviated Hex RGB: #A75
Integer RGB:         (170 119 85)
Scalar integer:      5601194 ( == 256 {base} {reverse} 170 119 85)
Any six-character hex code consisting of three duplicates can be abbreviated as the three-character code. #FF22EE can be abbreviated #F2E. #AB68C1 cannot be abbreviated. Grid_Make can take any of the above formats and uses HexRGB to convert to APL.Grid-acceptable values. MakeTableFromGrid uses HexRGB to convert APL.Grid colors to HTML-compatible hex. If you give HexRGB any of the above as right argument, it performs the appropriate conversion hex-to-dec/dec-to-hex (hex arguments must be character, decimal arguments must be numeric.) If you want integer RGB returned from hex, supply 0 as the left argument (scalar is the default.) If you want lowercase hex returned from decimal conversion, supply 0 as the left argument (uppercase is the default.) HexRGB does not return three-character hex codes; I suppose it could be changed to do this, but it's unnecessary.

Bill (Actually there are 16,777,216 colors -- 0 is black. I don't think well in index-origin 0.)

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