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Complex Documents

This is an experiment to learn how to convert a complex word processing document into a web page with the best balance of effort and quality. In my experience, the most troublesome documents to convert have been calendars (CCRR & USWFA) which have an immense amount of detail on numerous events usually arranged in 3 column display on many pages of a letter size document and, god forbid, they are in Word Perfect. So, a calendar from CCR&R created in Word Perfect has been used for the experiment. Four software packages have been used to convert from word processing to html and the following four files show the results of a direct conversion. The number of bytes is the size of the html file. (It should be noted that neither Front Page nor out-of-the-box Star Office will directly import a .wpd file, so for both it was necessary to first import the file into Word and save it as a .doc file. Download the original Word Perfect file if you wish to try your own method for translating it into a web page. It and its MS Word translation were both about 168kb. Let us know the results of your effort.)

Word 2000          363,281 bytes
Word Perfect         71,856 bytes
Front Page 2000  363,755 bytes
Star Office 5.1      227,339 bytes

My experience has been that certain aspects of word processing document do not translate at all well. These include font choices and.... So, before use in one of our websites we submit the file to a program called "ImportHTM" which.... The four files in the menu below show the results of "ImportHTM". The number of bytes shows the size of the above files after use of "ImportHTM" and compilation in the qkw template.

It is possible that use of .pdf format will work better, so George Simon is asked if he would attempt to convert the original file called "calendar.wpd" or its Microsoft Word equivalent "calendar.doc" to pdf formats. Perhaps he will try both of them. This will be most interesting.

Calendar via Word 2000    257,160 bytes
Calendar via Word Perfect  63,911 bytes
Calendar via Front Page  257,660 bytes
Calendar via Star Office    61,371 bytes
Calendar via Star Office    61,371 bytes

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