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Question: How I can learn more about CD blank quality & longevity? I am using primarily for computer backup & for distribution of software. I have read somewhere that cheap CD's have a limited life and the quality blanks last many years longer. How can I learn more about this?

Answer: Unfortunately, there isn't very much general information about the quality and longevity of CD-R's. There certainly are quality differences, but not too much has been written whether these differences have a fundamental effect on useability. You might want to try as they have published some articles on this topic. I know that NASA has done some extensive testing because they use CD-R's to store data and satellite imagery. My reading on these studies suggests that once a CD is properly made it's good for at least 25-50 years, no matter what type you use. We have noticed some differences in scratch resistance, and thickness between brands.

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Another Answer: Not sure but name brand blanks have better quality coatings and dyes as well as much better QC. Art Munson, 888-892-8998.

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