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capturing "resources"

This describes the process by which RaceMatters "resources" are captured from websites, especially newspaper websites.

  1. Save the resource on our media so it can be imported into RaceMatters.
    1. Find the article on the web. Articles from the past two weeks are available free from NYT. Sometimes it is easiest to find the article by searching on the author's name. Make sure the entire article is on the screen. NYT articles are often split into several parts. Do two things to make sure you have the entire article.
      • Look for the button which says "Single-Page View".
      • Check the last sentence of the hard copy article to make sure it is also the last sentence on the screen.
      If you do not have the entire article, click the button which says "Single-Page View". Determine if there are any images (photos or charts) we will want to save.
      • If no images are to be saved, then click on the buttons that says "computer friendly format".
      • If we will want the images, then leave it as it is.
    2. In your browser, go to "File" "Save As". Make sure you are in the proper directory. Change the name of the file to be saved so that it has no spaces and no punctuation and does not exceed 25 characters. Click on "save".
    3. By this procedure, resources are accumulating in, for example, d:\wSaveAs\nyt\ from which they can be imported into RaceMatters.
  2. Import the resource into RaceMatters, e.g. with ImportNYT.
  3. Compile the webpage.
  4. Compile the website so that directories are updated.
  5. Upload to the server.
  6. Index the site.

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