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Archives Structure

Meegan Wilson manages the text files of USMS Archives which are summarized as follows.

The manner in which these are managed is that she processes them with whatever word processing software she prefers. The "websteward" keeps whatever she has last sent in his computer so that his version is exactly like hers. To maintain this synchronization, she can either send him a CD with the entire folder or she can send new files whenever she creates them. Preferably she will send the entire folder now and then as then she has the freedom to delete files as well as to add or change them. (CD writers don't cost much and USMS can purchase one for her if needed)

Meegan may wish to learn a little HTML to enhance text, but the files she is working with are all ascii text files. They are not word processing files. They can be processed with Word Perfect, Windows Notepad, or MS Word (formats for "save as" might be "Text Only with Line Breaks (*.txt)" or "MS-DOS Text with Layout (*.asc)")

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