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The technology for handling information is advancing very rapidly in the world today with billions of dollars of investment. It is NOT logical that TAMPU invest greatly in technology, but by being alert to development work already advancing and by selectively putting it to work, we can make remarkable progress at modest cost. The topics below represent opportunities for advancing our subject matter greatly by taking advantage of development work already under way.

It should be stressed that in each of these cases, importance will be given to acquiring technology that does not require us to learn special skills. Our technology must work for us in ways that seem simple and intuitive.

Much of our content will be stored in the way that it comes to us. Examples are printed material, CD's and DVD's, videos and film. However, text information that is stored in our digital archives will preferably be stored in a format that is as close to "unadorned" as possible. We, and those who use our resources, will make the choice of the format they prefer when they select it. Often that will mean it is delivered from a web server. In some cases, though, other formats may be preferable and our technology will make them easy to produce.

Annotating images
Creating Charts & Plots from Data
The Concept Map
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