Development Plan for


Partnerships of many sorts are thought to be an important idea for the development of TAMPU. Our Resource Center might be designed with at least two types of partnerships being essential. One would be our partnerships with the media so that as we use their information we use it in a way acceptable to them. A second type of partnership is with the people who are contributing to our technology. All effort thus far has been pro bono, and great progress has been made. It is TAMPU's purposes that our Resource Center will serve and it is the community of people involved in TAMPU who should guide our work. Furthermore, it is expected that funding will become available to our effort because of the community ownership of our project. Nevertheless, our technical people are contributing in an exceptional way and those contributions should not be overlooked. Out of pocket costs during the first year have been advanced by Carl House and by APL2000, Inc. Many hours have been contributed by Bill Parke and Adrian Smith. And Adrian Frost and Jonathan Manktelow are beginning to be contributors of talent as well. We hope Tom O'Brien and the Executive Committee will help us develop proper relationships in this regard.

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