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Our Frame of Reference

A very good expression came out of the TAMPU retreat (which was first said by Robert Theobald), "think globally and act locally". We are thinking globally by seeking information on a broad array of subjects that bear on racial and cultural subjects. Our subjects include community development, workforce development, child care and racial and multi-cultural matters. Our program planning will be "acting locally" as it will be devoted to undoing racism and valuing diversity, especially in Palm Beach County. We believe that the global perspective is essential to good program planning.

TAMPU expects to create objective measurement of the extent to which it accomplishes its objectives. That requires focussed program planning and good information. Because of TAMPU's desire for objective measurement, we will give special importance to objective information like the U.S. Census, the Community Indicators Survey by the Knight Foundation and Taking America's Pulse, a recent publication from the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ). We expect to create a database of statistical information in order to make it easier to access.

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