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Our development plan may seem ambitious, but it is made possible by two technologies that are already well underway and that are fully in the spirit we seek.

The first technology is evident in a web portal called that is now one of the top 50 web portals in America. Our principles of ease of maintenance and ease of use are inspired by The operators of this web portal have adopted and have been hosting it on a courtesy basis and have been providing important technical help in its evolution thus far. They share our vision, and, in fact, have greatly inspired it. All of our tasks related to search engines will use technology that they have already developed for use in

The second technology is a facility for processing text in many formats with many types of computer graphics that has been developed by Causeway Graphical Systems. These systems are products that include a Windows interface providing all the flexibility anyone would want for producing documents and graphics. However, it is the flexibility of these systems and the readiness of their designer to work with us that makes possible our goal of providing a capability that will be simple, intuitive, very pleasing in its result, and that will not require special skills or training for its use. The Concept Map facility that we propose will be built from this technology. The designer of this facility (and President of Causeway) is Adrian Smith. His company is located in Malton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. This document is an example of the technology that is being developed with Causeway. This document is assembled from a complex database that is constantly being updated. Everytime any part of the database is updated, the update automatically flows into this document. As resources are improved, they only exist in one place and are easily fed into a new document or funding proposal.

It is also important to acknowledge the assistance of Bill Parke of Barberton, Ohio for software products that he has make available to our effort and for his continuing excellent technical assistance. His products can be downloaded from Some webmasters say his Parkenet web editor is the best there is, and I can't imagine having come this far without his product "TruLink".

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