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Phase I of this effort has been documented at A vision of a web-based portal providing a vast amount of information about race relations and ready access by means of a search engine was described. Twelve companies were asked to estimate costs for realizing the vision. Seven companies made proposals ranging up to $500,000 of development cost. All those proposals would put considerable burden on us to manage the web portal. So, an alternative plan was developed whereby our portal would be tucked under the wing of an existing general purpose portal leaving us responsible for ensuring that we get all the content into it that we want. (A great deal of the content we want is not on the web.) There will also be additional needs we will have that a general purpose portal might not have. We are now seeking funding to move us into the next phase of our work. is in continual development and was last updated on July 11, 2014. So far, for demonstration and discussion purposes, we have identified 1179 resource items, we have a search engine, and we have a well developed work program.

Our Frame of Reference.

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