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Most inputs and outputs are 2 dimensional arrays. Here's my list of properties for a 2 dimensional array. The first column is what those properties were named when you created my Formula One facility. Columns 2 & 3 are later names for the same properties.
M1M properties Here's a page where I was gathering notes on this.
pvPlayerExcel Rather than try to fully understand my vision for this, instead imagine what you can visualize for a facility that would need no programming to handle a wide variety of ever changing data arrays and property definitions. This might eventually become far more than it is today, but perhaps I could fund the first version of it and we'd see where it went after that. I think it's design should be as excellent as you can do and I'll make my modelling fit what you create.

The large reports we deal with are time series projections which have lots of accounts and lots of years or quarters or months. Many years ago I decided that the time periods had short titles or could be easily abbreviated so they had to be across the top of the page while account titles were usually longer and not easily abbreviated so they had to be down the side. Then I decided that the "total" should be on the left rather than the right to be close to the account title. This gives the person viewing the report the ability to get the most important information from the least number of pages. The most important information is: each account, its total, and the near term years. This logic leads to the conclusion that tiling should be first downwards and then moving as needed rightward. Here's an example.
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