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The Plain Vanilla Player is expected to be a general purpose platform from which a complex data set can be viewed, edited, and published. The particular data set which inspires its creation is an economic model which has been used for the following types of projects.

The economic model is a black box which expects to find its input data in an input file format and which delivers its economic projection in an output file format which is different for income properties and for properties marketed for sale. All parts of the model are currently working. The purpose of this project is to develop a new user i/o platform which can make the models marketable. Priorities will be on the parts of the platform most preventing marketing; some parts of the platform will be revised in later stages of this work. This approach is also called a "simple to more and more complex approach". A DVD is being created by which the current state of this facility can be fully reviewed. (Eric, I'd like to put it on a double density DVD which gives me about 8gb of space. Will that be convenient for you ?)

We think it is timely to prepare to market this facility because in our neighborhood, Southeast Florida, the state and county governments are investing half a billion dollars of public money to develop a biotech industry. The centerpiece of this is their having convinced Scripps Research Institute to establish a new campus in Palm Beach County. The State of Florida is projecting increased gross domestic product from this investment at $3.2 billion during the first 10 years. Scripps motivation is to escape the congestion and expense of their current location, La Jolla, California. Opportunities for expansion there are very limited; the local joke is that even Starbucks has not been able to establish a location in La Jolla. Additional motivation for Scripps is the large population of philanthropic institutions and families in Southeast Florida. We're already reading of important medical research at Scripps being funded by local Palm Beach County contributions.

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