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"Tasks" is a start on a work program. The tasks matrix has 4 columns: 1) who (A=assumption; C=Carl; E=Eric); 2) priority; 3) help#, task #, or maybe cost; 4) the task briefly stated. The purpose of this work program is to get to where we can give a demo that would invite others to either invest in a new business venture or hire us for important work. It is possible that we will use the development system for this knowing that we can't actually deliver it to a client.

A  NewLeaf/RainPro work is important to us, but improvement over Carl's current use will not be in ELE Stage 1 (#6).
A  platform path will be APL+Win, C# dll, .net and eventually Visual APL.
C1 make 50 or so case studies work with PVMM & rendering data from PVM's (html display, not interactive)
C1 make qkPlay & qkPlayer.w3 a precursor to pvPlay, fetching any data array as a PVM with properties.
C2 provide for use of Windows memory so will be very fast with nothing saved
C3 complete ScanFolder to reveal all data that user might want to edit (inputs) or view (inputs & outputs) in a folder
C4 complete ScanFolders to allow finding interesting stuff among all the 50+ folders.
C5 put everything on a double density DVD (8gb) to send to Eric, with ContinuousDocument by Jonathan & Adrian.
E6 create Excel facility (pvPlay) allowing every array in ScanFolder to be viewed, printed & edited if input.
E6 figure out how to provide for editing arrays which are a text string rather than a matrix.
E6 make "qkIterativeSearch" a blazingly spectacular function
E6 use what is ok in qkPlay & qkPlayer.w3 re: Carl's "Renderer", write new code where it seems necessary for demo.
E6 keep in mind later subjects to examine while doing ELE Stage 1 (#6). Later subjects are "9" for now.
E9 consider other options for "the Renderer" (better code for some that exist, add XML ?)
E9 get clear on file system so we can abandon Carl's hobgoblin approach.
E9 consider how to handle other actions as would be provided for in an MDI
E9 ContinuousDocument - create a single document out of any collection of PVM's
E9 reduce inputs for 50 case studies to absolute minimum, putting as much as possible into templates.

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