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Excel will be very important. Tasks involving Excel are listed below.

  1. Top priority is to give us the ability to simply write out a matrix (probably with row & column titles) and to read it back and find it is same as it was before it was written. This enables us to exchange data with other people. This use may or may not involve use of the M1M properties. The ability to read the matrix back and see if it is same as when written is important to managing the PVMM & model systems and their data arrays. This facility must be very easy to use. One suggestion is to use a function called "pvExcel" where RARG is file name and LARG is object to be written. If no LARG, then we are reading data. It should deliver a result making it clear what it did.
    The function we called "pvExcelAudit" should be called "pvExcelFix". "Audit" suggests it will report; our function is actually going to silently "fix" the data, not audit it.
    The PVMM and related systems have no way to sensibly edit a global nested matrix. We must figure out how to provide for this; perhaps "pvExcel" needs to enable us to edit a global nested matrix and leave it global. One way to do this would be to allow the RARG to be zero or null. Then the function would know to present the LARG for editing and to deliver it as edited. Alternatively, these could be two different functions. Or, it could be that this makes it more logical for pvExcel to have the possibility of serving both Tasks U1 & J5.
  2. Second priority is use Excel to enable us to edit any model input array.
  3. Third priority is use Excel to enable us to edit any PVMM parameter.
  4. Eventually we are likely to use Excel gloriously to create views and printed reports. We might in this use give the user the impression that he/she is using an Excel application.
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