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Census 2000 Low and Moderate Income Summary Data

Estimates have been prepared at the Census Bureau's Geographic Summary Level "090": State-County-County Subdivision-Place/Remainder-Census Tract-Urban/Rural-Block Group. Estimates prepared at this level may be totaled to the city, town, county and other higher-level geographic areas. Each block group record has an identification section containing Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes and names for the state, county, city/township, and metropolitan area, plus the name, type, and the HUD Unit-of-Government-Identification-Code for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grantee with jurisdiction over the block group area for FY2003.

The statistical information used in the calculation of the estimates comes from three tables in Summary File (SF) 3: P9--Household Type (Including Living Alone) by Relationship; P76--Family Income in 1999; and P79--Non-family Household Income in 1999. These data are used with Income Limits for Metropolitan Areas and for Non Metropolitan Counties prepared by the Department's Office of Policy Development and Research to calculate the Low to Moderate Income data. The income limits (PDFExcel) used are not the same as the ones published a few years ago for 1999 incomes. Those income limits were extrapolated from the 1990 census. The income limits table used for the estimates has been recalculated, or "benchmarked," using the income data in census 2000. The income limits used for these calculations are published on this web page along with the Low Mod data. Estimates are calculated at three income levels: Moderate Income (80 percent) level, Low Income (50 percent), and Very Low Income (30 percent) level. Estimates are calculated for (1) the number of family households below each income level; (2) the number of non-family households below each income level; (3) persons in family households below each income level; (4) persons in non-family households below each income level; (5) total households below each income level; and (6) total persons in households below each income level.

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