Windows shortcuts

Lower left corner of keyboard, between "Ctrl" and "Alt" is the "Windows" key.
hold down the Windows key and press:

How Swim Mag. CD's were copied to hard drive

  1. W-E to bring up Windows Explorer
  2. open left pane of Explorer to reveal folders where CD's are to be copied
  3. scroll down to d: drive which has the CD
  4. click on it so its contents come up in right pane
  5. ctrl-A to highlight all
  6. right click in highlighted area (so will get popup clarification, left click makes move automatic *)
  7. drag mouse cursor to the folder where you want to put them and release
    • if move from one drive to another, then default is to copy
    • if move is entirely on one drive, then default is to move
    • Windows XP will report conflicts before starting to copy, "cancel" at this point is helpful in avoiding errors.

Fn key (second from left on bottom of keyboard) + F8; toggle displays (Partrick fixed my laptop with this)

    notes on sharing files
  1. on NES laptop computer, go to "My Computer".
  2. right click on c: drive.
  3. then click on "share".
  4. warning message will come up "if....", click on it to signal ok.
  5. then a screen comes up with what I need in the middle:
  6. Network sharing & security (click to turn radio control on)
  7. share name: c (use default)
  8. Allow others to change files (click to turn radio control on)
  9. on the 2400 computer, it will appear as "c on NStroud".
  10. then I mapped "c on NStroud" to be "j" on the 2400.
  11. right click on My Computer
  12. click on "sharing"
  13. select drive letter, browse for resource, click on it


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