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The Plain Vanilla Magical Machine (PVMM) is intended to be the easiest method on this planet for managing information intended for availability on the world wide web. The intent is that all that is needed to add a resource is to place an appropriate file in an appropriate directory. As files (and directories) are added, the system senses their presence, enrolls them, invites any clarification needed in a way that is both intuitive and optional for the system manager. The intent is that the system manager need not have programming or system management skills. This system requires a minimum of typing or pointing and clicking for maintenance. For example, nothing needs to be enrolled. There should be no redundancies in maintenance. A very high level of assumption will be made about the intent of the system administrator. Clarification will be requested where needed.

The scope of the PVMM can be as specific as resources placed on a local computer or server, but they can also be extended to include specific (related) websites on the internet, or the entire internet (if desired).

All of the functionality of PVMM already exists in applications managed by the various members of the PVMM team. The team includes Fred (the developer of, Adrian (the developer of RainPro and NewLeaf publishing software which include VML graphics), Bill (developer of WebTek and TruLink), and Carl (developer of and and the software that manages them). Others will join us or work with us periodically. EricL is in the wings and EricB is our guiding spirit.

The Magical Machine portion of the name refers to the fact that our system has a very extensive range of features all of which work with defaults and which may not need special programming. The Plain Vanilla part of the name is our invitation that new applications be sought which will use our (growing) feature set rather than require committment of programming talent beyond our frontier.

The following is a list of our features, illustrations, and description of the technology by which they are provided. Specific tasks and priorities are shown whereever we've taken the time to articulate them. This website is an example of the current state of our technology. Nothing will be placed in this (PVMM) website that is not part of our core strategy. We will try to illustrate as much of the core strategy as possible. Whatever parts of our core strategy are weak are intended to be revealed in this website., and are also illustrations of our core strategy, but we may build features into these complex portals without fully working out how they relate to our core strategy. It is in this website (PVMM) where we will attempt to articulate how these new features should be integrated into the core strategy.

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