Simple Utilities

PopUp is a wondeful new utility from Davin Church which will provide lots of the Windows functionality of the Plain Vanilla Magical Machine. qkPopUp is our cover function that provides the bridge (driver) between our PVM and Davin's facility. (qkPopUpL, qkPopUpG, qkPopUp‘ & qkEdit are variations, eventually all variations of qkPopUp might be combined into one function which might be called pvPopUp or ‘pr).

qkPopUp (or pvPopUp or ‘pr) will eventually work in any of our environments (HTML, Server, NewLeaf, etc.)

Beow are our traditional most commonly used utilities and how they can be replaced by qkPopUp (pvPopUp or ‘pr).

PopUp has some limitations which gradually are being handled. qkPopUpTest shows the features we are currently discussing.

  1. The width of edit boxes is set to the width required for the data to be initially presented. If one wishes to present an empty box for data entry, it will appear very narrow.

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