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Running an App on a CD/DVD-RW

I have long wanted to be able to easily create a backup CD/DVD with all current work and full testing capability. Testing means that we need to be able to run from the CD using nothing on the hard drive. Then we can save that CD/DVD forever enabling us to return to that plateau of work anytime in the future.

CD/DVD backup and testing

How to create a CD/DVD backup disk by our new method as of 2008/03/12 after experience that RW disks are not stable. Roxio Product SKU:ESD-DLA for $19.99 gives us the project design & ROM burning ability. This product has the wonderful feature whereby you specify in a small file root folders & files and it does what you want. This small control file can presumably be created from APL and written to the appropriate folder for Sonic to use (my function qkCreateSONIC). That means that newly created folders & files down in the tree of folders wlll be picked up. (Nero does not seem to pick up newly created folders or files down in the tree.) That file (on amd64nm) is: C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\MyCDDVDs\bkp20080310dvd.SONIC
  1. Put a CD or DVD in the q: drive of the amd64mn, CD/DVD does not need formatting. Do not use RW discs.
  2. All Programs: Sonic Digital Media Plus v7, MyDVD Plus, comes up saying "Sonic".
  3. In left panel, choose "Data", then "Data Disc".
  4. Top left, choose "File", "Open Project", "bkp20080310dvd.SONIC" (in MyCDDVDs), "Open" in lower right, "Close" in upper right.
  5. Wait while Sonic creates a list of all the files to backup, the entire tree.
  6. ............Maybe you will want to "Add Data", "assets", "Add".
  7. Click red button in lower right "to continue".
  8. Current configuration is: 1.1gb; 553,372 sectors; bytes.
  9. It does not appear to verify.
  10. It discharges the DVD expecting me to launch the Sonic labeling application. Remove the disc
  11. Close the app by clicking on the red X in the upper right corner. Ignore "Runtime Error!" (Mediahub.exe).
Run the PVMM test from the CD/DVD.
  1. Place in q: or d: drive & browse to \qk\; click on aplw.exe to bring up apl; )xload pvmm

CD/DVD-RW backup and testing

The only thing other than apl/Davin/Parkenet fns required is something to enable packet writing or a modern equivalent (DLA). I purchased Roxio Product SKU:ESD-DLA for $19.99. DLA stands for "drive letter access".
    To format a disc:
  1. Insert a disc into your recorder drive.
  2. In My Computer, right-click your recorder drive.
    The Use with DLA option in the popup menu should have a check mark beside it. If this option is not selected, follow the steps in Using DLA With Your Recorder Drive before proceeding.
  3. Click Format.
    DLA's Format dialog box appears. The options available to you will depend on the type of recorder drive you have.
  4. Set the options in the Format dialog box.
    1. Type a name for your disc in the Volume label text box.
    2. Select either Quick or Full Format by clicking beside the option you prefer. DLA can perform either a Quick or Full format of your discs.
    3. If you have an EasyWrite CD-RW drive, you will have the option to create an EasyWrite disc by placing a check mark beside Enable EasyWrite. (See Using DLA with EasyWrite Drives for more information.)
  5. Click Start.
    If you selected Quick Format or you selected Full Format and your drive supports background formatting, you will be able to use your disc within minutes. If not, you must wait until formatting is complete before you can write files to your disc.

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