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release procedure for RTS WS per Davin Church

Packaging a run-time application is really easy. The hardest part is figuring out what files you need to include in order to support the application's needs. In this case, it has minimal needs and requires few files. Here's the procedure...

1. Have a temporary directory ready to receive the files to be sent.

2. )LOAD the (development) application workspace (TTDB_FTP).

3. )RSAVE the application workspace into the destination directory (and I assume using the same ws name).Note: This )LOAD & )RSAVE operation is the only thing that will have to be repeated when creating a new version. However, it will not allow you to save over an existing workspace, so )DROP or delete the old RSaved version (if it's still around) before )RSAVEing a new one. It is *not* recommended to )RSAVE on top of the development copy of the workspace.

4. Copy the files APLWR.EXE and APLW.ADF into the destination directory. (Note that one of these has an "R" and the other doesn't.)

5. Rename all files to share the same application name (e.g. TTDB_FTP.EXE, TTDB_FTP.ADF, & TTDB_FTP.W3).

6. Test the application by [double-]clicking on the .EXE file name. You may also create a desktop shortcut to same by right-clicking on the file name and selecting "Create Shortcut" (or right-mouse-drag the file to the desktop), and then use it to start the application.

7. You're ready! Either send her the files independently, or ZIP them together in a more convenient form for emailing if desired. Give her instructions for clicking on the .EXE file or for creating a desktop icon to click on.

Wasn't that easy? Have fun!

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