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qkInputs is a file wherein each component holds a specific APL array appropriate to the use of that input array in Landev & ProCash (Carl's economic models). The structure of each input array and the code that handles it are identical in the two economic models. Input arrays can appear more than once in a qkInputs.sf file just as properties can appear more than once in a SoftMed property value pair matrix. In this case one can set a global switch to either take the last (most recent) array or to query for which to choose. Choosing the most recent only is the convention used by SoftMed.

MVMVMiscellaneous assumptions
COSTS Development costs which are not expressed as a rate
GANDA General & admin.expenses which are not a rate
PACE Sales pace:each land use (or product) each period
PRICE Sales price for each land use (or product)
LAND Land cost (can be any # of rows & columns)
HOLDBACK Holdback terms for land or const.financing (CSF)
REPAY Impose schedule to repay line of credit borrowing
BORROW Input to impose schedule to borrow
TTLTTLProject title
INTRATE Periodic schedule to vary interest rates
CSFCSFConst.financing terms, as many loans as desired
CONTRACTS Contracts written, structured like PACE, same totals
COMPLETIONS Const.completions, structured like PACE, same totals
MVS Sales financing terms
COSTREF Costs, expenses, or revenues (-) expressed as rates
LUTTLS Land use (or product) names
DEPR Depreciation schedule by period
COAJ add'l COA entries for this project that are not in the gen
TAKEDOWN Land taken down for const., structured like PACE
STARTS Const. starts, structured like PACE, same totals
FACTORS Misc.factors, 1 number each, used by COSTREF
FACTORMAT Misc.factors which change over time (COSTREF)
DIST Distribution of values to lenders/partners (%)
ACNODRAW Accounts which cannot be drawn against in financing
MTGESMTGESAmounts, terms, and timing of mortgages
PRODUCT Inputs for costs of product identified in PACE
NOTEFINNOTEFINTerms,draws,& repayments for fixed note financing
RELPR Release prices
CAPREF Capital facilities modelled as function of pop,etc.
EASYINP A new input structure providing an override on any other i
AVARAVARVariances that can be used for any line item
 AVIMiscellaneous assumptions
 ALTIVaries AVI & MV assumptions in successive runs
 FLFloor loan terms
 CMConst.budget, inc. exp. to date & accounting terms
 OMOperating budget (income & expenses)
 QTRSchedule of const. expenditures (by item by period)
 DEPDepreciation schedules, as many as desired,any terms
 ENTSchedule for sharing cash flow & profit by partner
 A87SCHSchedule for receiving equity contributions
 HLDBKHoldback terms
 RURent-up schedule (from opening to normal vacancy)
 CAPREPCapital replacement expenditures or reserves
 TAXCRTax credit
 KICKERSParticipations in cash flow (inc.method & who gets)
 TODATEAccounting entries to reconcile with book basis
 UNITMIXApartment mix if residential (#bdrms,sqft,rent,etc)
 FINFEESFinancing fees (points or dollars, & who receives)
 TTLSTitles for alternative assumptions in ALTI
 CSFLIMITLimits on construction financing draws
 PFDRETPreferred return (inc. method & who gets)
 RESVLUSMethod for calculating residual values
 INFRATESAllows for different escalation rates for line items

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