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Davin's approach for MDI/GUI/GRID

The Phoenix Skeleton

Carl asked me to develop for him an application framework that he could use to build a number of different applications. He called this skeletal framework "Phoenix". So I designed a very lightweight workspace that could be used to provide a flexible GUI front-end for computational code.

The "View" Concept

As a general rule, any collection of data may be interpreted in a number of different ways - in effect looking at it from different points of view. We shall call each of these ways a view. Each view shows the user some or all of the data, organized or summarized in a way that is useful to the user. Phoenix is structured to present multiple simultaneous views of a single set of data.

Design Plan

Of course, not every application works in the same way, so we've made the following assumptions and requirements on how Phoenix-based applications should operate:


The above design sounds like it may have only limited use, but Phoenix can actually be used for a fairly wide variety of applications, particularly those involving lots of calculations or the presentation of complex data. The implementation is small, fast, and very customizable. The code for Phoenix is available on the conference disk. Keep in mind that it is a work in progress, so the code isn't very "clean and neat" in some places, and new features are still being added.

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