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All-purpose network as Carl sees it

My present thoughts are oriented to media and will look like entertainment wishes. But I'm also periodically publish USMS Archives on a CD/DVD and have some highly developed software for maintaining photo archives. so this is more than a hobbyist would need.

First step is what Doug described as dedicate an used cable channel to a home entertainment network so whatever is on at central unit is available whereever there is a receiver (TV set).

There is a problem of where to house the central unit and what sort of technology it needs to be. Do all media sources need to be located there? If so, it might have to be a pretty significant piece of furniture in our small living room. There is a media cabinet in my office that would be a better location, but it might not be big enough.

Also must acquire the ability to burn DVD's. This will be used for many purposes including backup for what is on my computer as well as time shifting TV programs and making backup copies of DVD's (movies protected by CSS) for my own use. (LaCie)

The following software seems to make possible copying DVD movies which are CSS protected......

Eventually I'll want to be able to edit video content.

When I know what it is, I'll want to acquire a high end DVD player. My idea of what to expect from it comes from my Pioneer Laser Disk Player bought 15 or so years ago for $1500. That is a nice piece of equipment. Too bad laser disks are no longer a sensible medium.

I want to be able to control as much as possible of operations from an APL session (my computer language). If I can do it from APL, then it adds to my capacity for archives.

I expect these ideas to grow and so will update this page periodically.

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