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Properties of the Plain Vanilla Player

This data structure has the purpose of providing a list of properties robust enough to produce a wide variety of complex documents. It also has a second and possibly more important purpose and that is to provide the bridge between complex algorithmic processing on a server and potentially highly customized and tedious report generation (read "tinkering") at the client end. It is possible that the Plain Vanilla Player will work on the client machine while complex processing occurs on a server. That will make it possible to charge a substantial fee for the work that only we (our black box) can do while charging only a one time fee (with upgrades) for the time consuming customization that our customers will want to do.

This page describes our data structure and definitions important to the data structure.

  1. PVP - did mean "Property Value Pair" (vector of pairs or 2 column matrix), for us it means Plain Vanilla Player
  2. PVM - Property Value Pairs arranged as a 2 column matrix (the kind we use)
  3. M1M - a PVM with a specific set of properties
  4. M3M - a vector of M1M's, capable of being source data for a very complex document
  5. MDM - an optional first element of an M3M providing document title, table of contents and perhaps a template

The core element of our data structure is the M1M. You can think of it as a table with all the properties it might need. It is likely to include a table (nested matrix or numeric matrix). It can have accompanying test both above and below it; both can have multiple paragraphs and simple additional tables. There can only be one complex table in an M1M because many of the properties only make sense in relation to one table.

Here are the properties of an M1M (in order of frequency of use). For a more complete description of the PVP/PVM/M1M/M3M data structure, see M1M, M3M and RenderedSize.

tXTpvTXTtexttext to be printed before the table
MpvMdatathe data matrix to be presented in a table
lLpvRTrowtitlestitles for each row of the data matrix
lCpvCTcoltitlestitles for each column of the data matrix
 pvCLatt cell attributes (including background color)
tIT3pvTTL3titlereport title, displayed top center before the table
hDR3pvHDR3 section title to be placed before text in html "H3" style
gPSpvGPSrowgroupsvector to group the data matrix rows
lNpvGHrowgrouptitlesheadings for horizontal groups identified by pvGPS
lCHLpvCTLVLcoltitlelevelslevel for column headings (if not all same level)
TTLpvTTLtoprighttitletitle to put in upper right corner of every page (the project title)
tblMVpvTBLV miscellaneous vector of programmer defined table parameters
fMpvFMV programmer defined parameters for printing reports
dTSpvDTSdatetimestampdate time stamp for when the M3M var was produced
rTTLpvRTTLdocumenttitletitle for the entire document (all pages), not same as pvTTL (the project title)
qkStrpvSTRdocstructuredocument structure, provides special handling features beyond those of the gallery
tIT4pvTTL4subtitletitle to put under pvTTL3
tIT7pvTTL7titlenotetitle to put under pvTTL4 (not emphasized)
tIT8pvTTL8cornertitletitle to put in corner over row titles and left of column titles
bTOTpvBTOTcoltotalsboolean: 1=show column totals; 0=blank column totals as they are meaningless
fDVpvFLDPfieldcharsfield characteristics: width, decimals, datatype, justification, etc
vCOMpvVCOM variables common to all elements of M3M
iCONpvICON logo, or other image(s) for the document or form
cTITpvCTTLtoplefttitletitle for top left of every page: time stamp, file used, calling WS/FN
hDR4pvHDR4 section title to be placed before text in html "H4" style
tXTBpvTXTBtextaftertext to be printed after the table
cREDITpvCRDTauthorcreditliteral vector for credit line (bottom left of every page) ("botlefttitle")
iNPNMpvVARvarnamename of the global array used to define the data matrix to be displayed in a table
iMAPpvIMAP map to guide use of this var, iMAP = incoming map for grid (by row/col range or by cell)
iMAPCpvIMAC map to guide use of this var, "iMAP" = "incoming map" for grid (by cell)
mDpvMMOmemocellsdata cells to be displayed freely between rowtitles and the data matrix
cENHpvCENHcellenhancegrid control properties for individual cells
tOTpvRTOTrowtotalsactual data values to be placed in row totals at left (if not want plus summation)
tTLpvTTLtoprighttitletitle to put in upper right corner of the page (the project title)
FMpvFMV programmer defined parameters for printing reports
PROPTpvPRPT codes to identify standard acceptable manipulations for input arrays
VINITpvINIT function or executable character string to initialize the data matrix
BTOTpvBTOTcoltotalsboolean: 1=show column totals; 0=blank column totals as they are meaningless
TOTpvRTOTrowtotalsactual data values to be placed in row totals at left
bRTITpvBRTTLbotrighttitletitle to put in bottom right corner of every page
 pvFMTV instructions for processing a matrix, see qkwPage[144]

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