TScript is a "high level" programming language, similar to other popular multimedia and web scripting languages like Lingo or Javascript. It is actually a very small language designed to create reports, forms for data entry, and to do batch processing. It is intended to increase the productivity of programmers while being simple enough for use by non-programmers.

People who have used scripting languages like HTML will have no trouble using TScript. Also, people who are familiar with command line processing will have no trouble. Newcomers to programming may find it a bit of a challenge at first, but help will be available. And, a program will be developed that will write scripts according to the users specifications.

TScript is not designed to be a complete language. Instead, it is designed to empower users of other languages and databases by making available to them utilities written in other languages, including APL. One of the benefits of TScript is that programs written in it will run either on the internet or in a standalone computer under Windows. TScript programs can also run in a home computer augmented by data available from the Internet.

This use of the name TScript (or QScript, or QKScript) is meaningful only in the context of QKW systems. External documents might refer to this as QKW QScript. There is no connection between QKW QScript and LiveStage's Qscript which maps the Quicktime 'wired action atoms' provided by Apple for playing media.

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