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(see 3057 104, 'c:\devplan\pvmm\cloud\qksource\' 'Install')

from Eric

The C# app is assumed to be intended to become Our HP development computer crashed on 5/15/08 and was restored on 5/29/08. This page identifies the steps outside of traditional APL that were required to restore work.

pvExcel requires that MS Office be installed on your computer first. I believe it is the only requirement for it to work. To help me help you, if it still does not work after having installed MS Office on your machine, please provide me with detailed error message you're getting.

We won't need NetAccess in the near future, so this one is not so important to reinstall soon.

But you do need to install Visual Studio 2008 Professional soon. We'll need it. At a minimum, you need to install the .Net Framework 3.5 and I think we could work with just the .Net Framework 3.5, though that wouold not allow you to load my C# application source code, but would be enough to run the application. But installing Visual Studio 2008 Professional would be better.


from Eric 4/11/08

You’ve been right to ask me before going ahead buying VS 2008.

You do not need to spend any dollar on it.

They have an “Express” version called Visual Studio 2008 Express which is totally free and should be enough to run our application (at least I believe it and you should try it first).

The only limitations of Visual Studio 2008 Express is that it does not contain tools like Server Explorer which lets you create and manage Relational Databases like SQL Server from within Visual Studio, and some other tools of similar kinds.

But we are not using any of these in your demo application so Visual Studio 2008 Express is probably all you need.

Once you have downloaded it and at the end of installation (or the first time you launch it after installation, I don’t remember), it asks you for which language you want to customize the menus, etc.

Be sure to select C# at this time.

What you need to download is :

Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition

found in the following page:

which is a Web install, i.e. you will just have to do a few clicks to do the installation

or alternatively (if you wanted to also have the other products VB.Net 2008, etc.):

Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition (All-in-One)

as found at the bottom of the same page

Note that, in that case, you’ll have to create a DVD ISO-image: that’s explained at the bottom of the page. See:

Click here for instructions on burning the Visual Studio Express Editions DVD.

for instructions on burning the Visual Studio Express Editions DVD.

I did look at buying Visual Studio 2008 and found there are several versions. I assume that the "standard" version is sufficient for me. I can spend up to $700 for it but I think I found a source for $164 on the basis that I am a teacher, which I often am.

Download the Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition All-in-One DVD
This DVD contains all the Express products as well as optional components in a single image (ISO) file.

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