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Create graphics & add to them to the resources folder. Icon graphics are the graphics that help provide identity and the look and feel of the site. They include the logo and also the navigational buttons. Graphics are likely to require more time that any other aspect of creating a web page. Photographs are fairly easy. You can rent time on a pretty high quality scanner at Kinkos. Digital artists, if they don't use a Mac, say Adobe Photoshop is the very best image processing software, but it is costly at around $800. I bought it but I find I can do everything I want with Paint Shop Pro from Jasc which costs about $70. If you want to automate image processing, Jasc also has a product called Image Robot ($89 from their website) which I am using to process my 3000 images. Paint Shop Pro also produces buttons (gifs). Since I'm trying to automate web site management as much as I can, I want to create buttons on the fly (under program control). I do that by storing blank buttons (no text) which are created in Paint Shop Pro and writing text on them with functions which use im2bmp.w3, a freely downloadable utility written by Gert Glantz and available from APL2000. It is an APL workspace with functions to create bitmap files from picture object images.

Improve content & graphics (discuss design criteria for a good web site). Some web designers will argue that you should first develop the overall look of the site, the graphics, and the site structure before building out content. I don't agree. I'd rather start with a simple template and an initial tree structure and make rapid progress on content knowing that graphics, navigation, and the overall look will evolve. We might be talking here about how an APL'er thinks vs. how a traditional systems person thinks.

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