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Our Google Group

The URL for our Google Group is: If you'd like to receive our emails whenever you check your email, you can.

First, add your email address to our Google Group and you will get all e-mails that go to our "Core Group". To do that, go to and click on "Apply for group membership" on the right side of the screen. You can use any valid email address to establish a "Google account". You give it a password and Google will send an email to that email address asking for confirmation. You confirm by clicking on a URL in the email and Google will tell you your account is established. Then when you go to our Google Group you'll find you are a member and you can select how you want to "read this group". You can get all our emails immediately if you wish, or you can get daily summaries, or you can read us on the web and get no emails.

You cannot send emails to our group unless you are a "manager". Those of us who are attending our meetings (first Thursday each month) will be designated as managers.

I believe that anyone who receives an e-mail from our Google Group can reply, but we'll have to learn more about this.

Email for promoting progressive events

We also have the ability to send e-mails to a large list of people, or portions of that list.

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