fonts installed on Carl's Dell Dimension 4550 which runs Windows XP Professional.

I'm suddenly having a problem with displaying apl on the screen and John Walker tells me Fred Waid is having the same problem. We have in common that we are running Windows XP on computers bought from Dell. The symptom is that whenever delta-underbar is displayed the line it is in becomes tiny & ugly. John & Fred feel the problem might be solved by use of a font other than a bitmap font. I'm wondering if you might have one we could try. All the apl fonts in my computer look pretty wretched when displayed on the screen with the exception of "APLFONT", but any line with delta-underbar in it is distorted and it distorts other lines near it (with that font only).

Do you have an apl font that gives good screen display other than a bitmap one? (sent to Adrian 7/15/03)

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