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File System

A "project" is whatever process needs to be managed, especially one balancing time and resources.

Any project modelled with Landev or ProCash is stored in a folder devoted to it. Real estate development projects often have phases or different land uses which are different "projects", e.g. single family phase I, Town Center Commercial, Church Street Office I. The systems person might want to call these "subprojects", but the industry calls them "projects". In these cases, the subsidiary projects can be rolled up into the main (or "townwide" project). Inputs at the "townwide" level will be townwide costs (and maybe revenues). When the rollup occurs, townwide accounts are added so the "output" becomes the "total project". Alternatively, output could include only the "townwide accounts".

There are two important benefits from this folder based database structure.

A project folder can have special subfolders whose names are reserved and cannot be projects. These include:

It would make sense to have functions named "qkInputs", "qkFolder", "qkAnything" by which we control access and manipulation of these files. These functions would use the "cFile" facility and would contain all required parameters and validation checks.

cFile & cFiles
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