File Structures

FileData & GetData (inputs)-c:\dv\projects\',TTL,'.sf'- 1-stores user's inputs
user templates-c:\dv\app\- 1-templates created by the user
system templates-c:\dv\sys\f8825.sf (& others)- 2-critical for customization of models
ViewTestFiles 'views'-C:\dv\views\- 3-views available, critical to the user & app
-c:\dv\app\f1.sf - f14.sf- 4-old inputs for case studies
ViewTestFiles 'printfilename'-c:\pdf\pdf\fhfcddata_006.pdf- 5-maybe important to user, but tuck them away
ViewTestFiles 'M3M'-c:\pdf\htm\qksource\TestM3Ms.sf- 6-build into html help system (qkw_Master, RUNDATA)
ViewTestFiles 'data'-c:\pdf\temp\fhfcddata.sf- 8-for development only, stores M1M's for testing
ViewTestFiles 'qPG'-c:\pdf\temp\TestqPGs.sf- 9-for development only, postscript vectors

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