DVD production

I can make amateurish copies just like other people can using software that comes with the computer or costs under $100 (ISO file copied to DVD with Roxio Creator Classic and with labels printed on Neato #856660 label stock after selecting Avery 8696 CD/DVD labels in the Roxio label menu). Lee Zimmerman has better software costing maybe $600 (Pinnacle) so he can make better DVD's. Both of these processes involve "burning" a disk. A professional creates a glass master copy which is used to "replicate" a disk. In that process, the DVD content is pressed into foil and the foil is sealed into the DVD disk. This produces what you get from Warner Bros., Disney, etc. If we want to make 100 copies, that is the process we should use and I hope we can do it for a few hundred dollars. Plant and Main Office, 7905 N. Route 130, Pennsauken, NJ 08110-1402, Toll Free: 800-468-9353, Local: 856-663-9030, Fax: 856-661-3458, prices.

Colin Powers says you can put both video content and website content on the same DVD. Both will appear in the menu, but when put the DVD into a normal player you cannot select the website material. When you put the DVD into your computer, then you will be able to select all items in the menu including the video content and the website (html) content. is good source for software to make labels.

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