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HotSpots & DrillDown at Causeway

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 11:09:14 +0100
From: Adrian Smith Subject: RE: Drilling down on NewLeaf output shown by 'drain.display'
To: "J. Merrill" Cc: Chris Lee


I think this made it as far as the 'nice to have' list but no-one has leaned hard enough on me (yet) to put it in.

The mechanism used in the charts is to define 'hotspots' which underlie various chart elements. These can be circles (suitable for markers), rectangles (barcharts etc) and wedges. The chart viewer supports a 'hittest' method (run this on mousemove if you want hints, mouseclick otherwise) which will tell you the id of the hotspot under the mouse. The rest is up to the application.

The obvious extension to NewLeaf would be to support the rectangles in tables, probably via {nltHotspot array} which associated an array of ids with the data. Then a click on a table cell (easier to hit than the text within it, and a lot easier for me to compute) would yield the id for that cell.

I have considered allowing

PDF only supports rectangles BTW, so I would probably only do hotspots which were of this type in NewLeaf.

Obvious application - a Table of Contents in a long report which is typically a 2-column table where it would be good if the page number cells jumped to the right page!

regards - Adrian

Adrian Smith
Causeway Graphical Systems Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 1653 696760

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