This is the beginning of a generalized data entry facility fully integrated with the PVMM It's evolution will have the following steps.

  1. Carl's old fashioned apl with no forms.
  2. APL2000 grid control.
  3. Javascript/Jscript: when completed, so will run on web & in Windows.
It has the following initial applications:
  1. John Bauman's Top Ten 1972-1992.
  2. image catalogues: USMS, USMS Conv., RaceMatters.
  3. Top Ten data entry: PMS, Pieter Cath, et al.
  4. Resource Catalogue.
  5. USMS Archives Catalogue.
  6. USMS Nationals Prior to 1993 (Ginger?)
Field types:
  1. select from list
  2. free form: alpha numeric, numeric, date, time, date/time
  3. reference to supplemental document or database

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