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Verify there are no broken links. There are services to which you can subscribe who, for a monthly fee, will scan your website for broken links. Even better than that, Bill Parke has an APL tool for scanning your site called TruLink, a HTTP Link Validator / Web Site Management Tool. I haven't used it yet, but I have great expectations of it. I asked Bill to scan this page for broken links. He reported "11 errors found searching 96 links in 1:59 minutes" and sent me a file identifying the errors. This points out the peril of links to other sites. You must check now and then to make sure they are still valid because if they are not it is you that appears careless.

An on-line service company can provide a list of all sites with links to your site, a list of all sites your site links to, and, most importantly, a daily check of all your links to make sure they are still valid. Cost is $199 annually, free trial is available. The service even checks links from other sites into your site to make sure you are being linked to in a valid manner. Contact Roy Bryant or

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