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Backup & Related Procedures

  1. Backup - Wants to protect everything except as constrained by media, copies between folders of same path/name exc. drive differs.
  2. UpdateFilesC - Wants to update only those files essential to an application, copies between folders w/different root name &/or drive.
  3. AuditFiles - Compare all files in two locations.
  4. KeepSafe - Update files in "KeepSafe" when easy backup not available
  5. CreateCD - Maintain master CD to be copied for distribution

These procedures took a big step forward when John Walker reported that there was a flaw in use of directCD prior to version 5.3.1. When the current version 5 was downloaded and installed it started to work fine. Here's the procedure.

  1. get a CD on which to do backup (a rewriteable CD, either blank or previously used for Backup)
    • if reusing a backup CD created earlier, insert the CD into the drive which has CD-RW capability.
    • if creating a new backup CD.
    1. to keep these backup CD's recognizeable, only use the CompUSA 74 min 650mb 4x rewriteable blanks or Smart-Buy.
    2. store them in the round plastic cases from Art .
    3. Easy CD Creator will autostart when the blank disk is inserted.
      • (autostart) Create a CD, ok,
      • (start/programs) select a project,
    4. make a data CD, directCD, formatCD, label the CD "CD-RW".
    5. use defaults (do not enable compression, select full format), Start Format (takes 15-25 minutes on PIV-2400). When CD is formatted, the following message is displayed.
      The CD is ready for read/write access directly through drive (E:). You can start reading and writing the CD using Windows Explorer, or any other Windows application such as Microsoft Word. A later screen says "The CD you just ejected from drive (E:) is now readable in all CD-RW drives, and in any MultiRead CD-ROM drive that has the UDF Reader installed.
    6. close Easy CD Creator software ("directCD format utility" & whatever screen called it).
  2. start apl, compress files if desired...
  3. start "Backup" in apl (full backup takes 23 minutes on PIV-2400, incremental backup with few copies takes 1.5 minutes, it is ok to modify files while this Backup is underway).

When "Backup" is run, it's report on the screen looks like the following.

current volume name (drREM) to id backup data set: CD-RW
4 #days since last Backup to the remote media
RecentChanges being adjusted from 1 to 4 because backup media was last used 6/08/03 21:30:41
‘db defining data from: C:\DV\BKPINSTF 17
copying: c:\APLWIN40\aplw.ini to e:\APLWIN40\ (13 37)
copying: c:\dv\bkpinstf.sf to e:\dv\ (7 81)
copying: c:\dv\app\F3018.sf to e:\dv\app\ (44 465)
copying: c:\dv\app\F4491.sf to e:\dv\app\ (258 465)
copying: c:\dv\app\F4572.sf to e:\dv\app\ (334 465)
copying: c:\dv\app\F73.sf to e:\dv\app\ (420 465)
copying: c:\dv\sys\F8005.sf to e:\dv\sys\ (53 222)
copying: c:\dv\sys\F8006.sf to e:\dv\sys\ (54 222)
copying: c:\dv\sys\F8017.sf to e:\dv\sys\ (65 222)
copying: c:\dv\sys\F8099.sf to e:\dv\sys\ (91 222)
copying: c:\dv\sys\F8105.sf to e:\dv\sys\ (97 222)
copying: c:\dv\sys\F8106.sf to e:\dv\sys\ (98 222)
copying: c:\dv\sys\F8117.sf to e:\dv\sys\ (109 222)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\cropsey.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\ (4 35)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\godmother.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\ (16 35)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\grittyadapt.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\ (18 35)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\newmuseum.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\ (22 35)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\nyt010607.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\ (23 35)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\theflume.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\ (31 35)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\vistas.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\ (32 35)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\wyant.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\ (35 35)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\assets\indexp.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\assets\ (30 46)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\assets\indexs.htm to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\assets\ (31 46)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\assets\wyant.jpg to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\assets\ (46 46)
copying: c:\ofl\hudsonvalley\assets\qksource\IMGInfo.sf to e:\ofl\hudsonvalley\assets\qksource\ (1 1)
0 0½CKF'BackupLabel'µBackupLabel 'e:\' ¦ ← ← remember, completed backup at: 6/12/03 11:13:44
0 0½CKF'CDLabel' µCDLabel 'e:\' ¦ ← ← remember
‘COPIED ¦ processed 9893 8539 8537 25 files. Lapsed cpu 158 seconds with 0 interim marks (3 minutes).

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