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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Printing Time Series Reports

Report Formats from the "Financing Setup" Model (or Shell) 
Pro-Forma Financing Setup 
Derivation of Rent by FHA Formula 
(if rent is derived from cost, not input)

Report Formats from the "Feasibility Setup" Model (or Shell) Cash on Cash Return for Financial Participants (Setup) Pro forma Feasibility Setup (can include multiple phases/land uses)

Report Formats from the "Projection" Model (or Shell) Key Measures Report from ProCash© Present Value and Rate of Return: By Participant ( 6 1) Schedule A: PROJECT CASH FLOW (420 7 1) Schedule B: CASH FLOW BY PARTICIPANT (418 7 2) Schedule C: RESIDUAL VALUES & EVALUATION CRITERIA (424 7 3) Schedule D: DETAIL OF PRESENT VALUE BY PARTICIPANT (426 7 4) Schedule E: TAXABLE INCOME (421 7 5) Schedule F: FINANCIAL PROJECTION PER INVESTMENT UNIT (403 7 6) Schedule G: DEVELOPMENT CASH FLOW (409 7 7) Schedule H: OPERATIONS (410 7 8) Schedule I: CAPITAL REPLACEMENT (411 7 9) Schedule J: SOURCES OF FINANCING (401 7 10) Schedule K: OPERATING RESERVE & EXCESS FINANCING (423 7 11) Schedule L: DEBT SERVICE SCHEDULE (413 7 12) Schedule M: ACCOUNTING ADJUSTMENTS (414 7 13) Schedule N: DEPRECIATION SCHEDULES (412 7 14) Schedule O: TAX LIABILITY ON RESIDUAL VALUES (404 7 15) Schedule P: OPER. ACCOUNTS FOR BRIDGE/CONSTR. LOAN (425 7 16) Schedule Q: RECONCILIATION PROJECT/DISTRIBUTED CASH (402 7 17) Schedule R: DETAIL OF INVESTMENT ADJUSTMENT (429 7 18) Schedule S: BASIS ACCOUNTS (422 7 19) Schedule T: DETAIL OF PRESENT VALUE (428 7 20)

Report Formats from the "Development" Model (or Shell) Same as "Projection" Model except schedules become more complicated, especially Schedules A, B, G, J, M, Q, and R.

Additional Reports That Display Multiple Phases or Multiple Land Uses Summary Output from Succession of ProCash© Runs per Summary Output from One or More ProCash© Runs per Selected Lines of One or More ProCash© Runs per

Detail of Assumptions: Relevant to All Models (or Shells) Inputs as Expressed in the Computer Model Depreciation and Amortization Terms as Input in

Special formats for sensitivity testing

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