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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

The "Setup"

The easiest way to input mortgage financing terms is to use the A vector elements 61 through 69 as follows:

first second 
mortgage mortgage
Amount (or loan to value ratio) AVI[61] AVI[65] 
Interest rate AVI[62] AVI[66] 
Term in years (0=interest only) AVI[63] AVI[67] 
Months until balloon AVI[64] AVI[68] 
Which participant holds mortgage entity 2 AVI[69] 

Except in the case of low and moderate income housing, mortgage amount is determined by the value of the project. Mortgage amounts can be entered as a decimal; ProCash© will then calculate mortgage amounts based on value determined with a capitalization rate entered as AVI[112]. The capitalization rate is applied to net available for debt service.

If the capitalization rate (AVI[112]) is zero, and mortgage amounts are entered as decimals, then mortgage amounts will be determined as a decimal of cost. Setting AVI[96] to 1 will also force mortgage amounts to be determined as a function of cost, not value.

AVI[61]1st mortgage loan to value Ratio or $ Amount 551  3
AVI[62]1st mortgage interest rate 551  3
AVI[63]1st mortgage term in Years (0=interest only) 551  3
AVI[66]2cd mortgage interest rate 551  3
AVI[67]2cd mortgage term in years (0=interest only) 551  3
AVI[64]1st mortgage months Til Balloon 551  2
AVI[69]Who provides 2nd mortgage (see AVI[ 65]) 551  2
AVI[68]2cd mortgage months til balloon 551  1

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