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ProCash, an Economic Model for Income Properties

Sensitivity Testing

The DEVPLAN shell facility is a menu system as well as a structure for sensitivity testing and storing results. It also has a plotting capability so that sensitivity testing results can be graphically displayed without losing any of the data in main memory. After each process, the shell presents the most likely menu choices for the next process. While it typically presents four or five menu choices, it is continually selecting the most likely from a total of 22 possible menu choices as follows. (One menu choice is always a command to call up the entire 22 menu selections.)

1.Select or Change Shell (modeling format) 
2.Retrieve  Previously Stored 
3.Review, Change, Create, or Print  
4.Audit  for Some Compatibility Tests 
5.Initialize Starting Global Variables

6.Execute Model Calculations 7.Evaluate Results with Key Measures 8.Show Detail of Model Results

9.Initialize Data for Sensitivity Testing 10.Run Model Repeatedly for Sensitivity Testing 11.Print Results of Sensitivity Testing

12.Plot Results of Sensitivity Testing

13.File , Outputs or Last Plot Parameters

14.Detailed Printout of Input Data on File 15.Help (assistance at current place in system) 16.Describe Current System Environment 17.Return to Starting System Environment 18.DEVPLAN Services (accessed from any shell or menu) 19.Complete Printing (empty print buffers) 20.Try to Print Another Report on This Page (save buffer) 21.Complete Menu for Shell 22.Exit the Shell facility (return to Main Menu)

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